GEOPUNK SET 1/6 | 2015

I don’t want to lump these photos altogether, so I’ll post them in 6 sets. I created this geometric wooden headpiece for my 3D Design class last semester with the intent to use it as a piece in a photoshoot. Mission accomplished.

The headpiece is meant to be a self-portrait. I chose to do a geometric frame structure that loosely resembles an eye. Eyes are symbolic for me in many ways: “Ais” or “Ai” is a nickname of mine; an eye represents “awakeness” or “awareness”; and finally, in the most obvious sense, it represents vision & sight. I am a creative and rely heavily on the visual senses. I have visions and goals for myself as a designer and a person that I want to accomplish. Yet at the same time, I try to make sure to have the sight to see what’s in front of me and be aware of my surroundings, of what I have, and what I need to do to realize my visions. 

So glad to have worked with a great team, with great vibes, to produce great images. 

Headpiece Design & Stylist: AISHAZAMM
Photographer : Crisanto Jorda
Model & MUA : AUÉQUE