Somehow, my post on Lady Gaga's performance on SNL ended up on StyleNoir Magazine.

On top of it, they put my name up as “Aisha Zamm” … Interesting. They still credited me, though not sure how I feel about my name being pressed as “Zamm” haha. Anyway, mixed feelings on this. Unfortunately I’ve decided not to post anymore illustrations I do for Jac Langheim, just due to press release issues/jacking content. Don’t really have good feelings about this issue, as these illustrations could have ended up somewhere much better than StyleNoir. Lesson learned!

Seriously debating changing my username to something I would actually want to be pressed as professionally. Like I said, this blog started out as nothing, so I never gave much thought into it. In recent events however, it might be in my best interest. (But I have no idea what I’d want my professional name to be. Suggestions?)

In other news, I’ll be posting newer original illustrations sometime soon.
PS - If you guys see any of my work floating around without credit or featured on a different blog that I don’t mention on here, please let me know. There may be free illustrations in it for you. Thanks.

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