Entry Number One

To be a serious designer, an artist, or a creator, you must be obsessed. 

It's all you ever think about, really. It's all that ever matters.

I'm trying to better understand myself as a creative, and in order to do so, I believe I must write down my thoughts. 

In doing so, hopefully I can give anyone reading a little insight. With any luck, I'll give myself some insight too.

I consider this blog my sketchbook. My process. It's important for people to understand your process. You can't just show finished work all the time—where's the beauty in that? No, the true beauty lies in the process, and the process should be shared. That's what fascinates people, how we (creatives) make things. How it's done. 

You can have an amazing piece of photorealism, for example. That's cool. A hyper realistic portrait. "Wow. I can't believe that's a drawing." And then they move on. But show your process and people hang on a little tighter, get a little more curious. They see a blank piece of paper turn into artwork.

That portrait is no longer just a portrait. 

It's a series of techniques—stippling, hatching, pointillism, dry brush, wet brush, what have you. 
It's a series of choices made by the individual behind the tool.
It's a series of tools. 
It's a physical manifestation of visual understanding. 
It's dark and light, it's color theory. 
A canvas is the world, and we are playing God as we mold it into what we want it to be.

It doesn't happen by mistake, though often we let mistakes happen, because non-fluencies and faults make things more beautiful. 

Art and design has frustrated me, almost causing me to snap like the pencil I drew in my sketchbook. But I'll never stop. It is rewarding and exhausting. It is a living thing that must constantly be watered in order for it to blossom.

I am obsessed, and proudly so. 

This concludes my first, and hopefully not my last, entry. 

Thank you for reading this far. 

- Aisha

Aisha Lopez