Aisha Lopez


PROJECTS/ Featured

DKNY Internship Works 

DKNY Internship Works 

MOCK NIKE MAGAZINE/   "The Victory Edition"

MOCK NIKE MAGAZINE/ "The Victory Edition"



MENU MOCKUP/  "Jalapeño Mouth"

MENU MOCKUP/ "Jalapeño Mouth"



PROJECTS/ Miscellaneous

LOGO DESIGN/ "Amada Version I". Programs: Adobe Illustrator

Slightly deviated from client's original sketch for improved versatility across media. 

LOGO DESIGN/ "Amada Version II". Programs: Adobe Illustrator

 Client requested that her name be spelled out with cassette tape. 


LOGO DESIGN/ "DJ JAN". Programs: Adobe Illustrator.

Design for a friend and DJ, "DJ Jan". I wanted to incorporate an image of him directly into the logo, using the two j's as headphones.

I made up the lettering myself directly in illustrator. I wanted typography that had the right amount of curves & straight edges I needed to fit the feel of the icon of Jan. 


TYPO EXERCISE/ "DingBatman: Joker"

TYPO EXERCISE/ "DingBatman: Harley Quinn"

TYPO EXERCISE/ "DingBatman: Riddler"

TYPO EXERCISE/ "DingBatman: Catwoman"


TYPO STUDY/ "Fette Fraktur". Programs: Adobe Illustrator. 

The object was to study positive and negative spaces of a given font by creating interesting compositions using only typography and shapes.


TYPO STUDY/ "Bifur". 
Programs: Adobe Illustrator.

The assignment was to create a poster containing researched information regarding a font and its creator. I chose Bifur, created by A.M. Cassandre. 

Before it was digitized, the font was originally made to echo the art deco style that Cassandre so famously used in his poster designs. 

I created a portrait of Cassandre in the nature of art deco using a limited color palette. 

TYPO STUDY/ "Design Culture Now". 
Programs: Adobe Illustrator.

The assignment was to create a poster for an event called "Design Culture Now". The challenge was to fit a decent amount of copy on a single page. 

We could only use typography and shapes, as well as a limited color palette. 

I chose to angle the title of the poster for interest, then off set the composition with triangular background shapes in order to guide the viewer in the direction and order I want them to read the copy.


PROJECTS/ Advertising


POSTER/ "Spring 2017 Dance Poster: From Roots to Wings" and *Design Contest Winner* Programs & Tools: Watercolor, Photoshop, Illustrator.

The Mercer Dance Ensemble came to us needing a poster for their performance in May 2017. 

The name of the show is "From Roots to Wings". I didn't want to put roots, OR wings. That's much too obvious.

 I took some advice from Chip Kidd: you either show it, or you describe it. You don't do both. With this in mind, I wanted to do something more interpretive that the viewer can decipher for themselves—so why not use "dancer hands"? After all, their hands and bodies are the things they use to tell the story. I applied this idea to the poster in the form of a watercolor.

I thought a watercolor style illustration would suit the color, mood, and grace of the performance; thankfully, I wasn't the only one who thought the same:
the ensemble has chosen my design as their official poster for their upcoming performance! Thanks guys. 



POSTER/ 24"x18". Environmental Poster. Programs & Tools: Watercolor, Photoshop, Illustrator.

The objective was to create a PSA poster. I chose water pollution as my subject. 

I was watching a documentary on impactful design dealing with environmental issues and was inspired by something a featured artist in the documentary said: "Traditional art has the ability to impact people on a deeper, more emotional level. So why not use it to get their attention?" 

With this in mind, I already knew I wanted to do a riff off of Hokusai's famed "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". But instead of pleasantly colored blue waters,
the colors are toxic and unnatural. Instead of fisherman's boats, there are ships spewing oil into the ocean. 

While the piece is nostalgic and widely recognizable, as a viewer, you know that it isn't quite right. You know that it isn't how it's supposed to be.
And that's exactly the message I wanted to deliver regarding water pollution. 


Postcard Front.

Postcard Back.

POSTER/ "Spring 2016 Art Show Poster" and *Design Contest Winner* Programs & Tools: Watercolor, Photoshop, Illustrator.

The objective was to create an image relevant to an art show, without being blatantly obvious. I thought of using abstracted brush strokes and ended up painting this wave pattern. I was inspired by a previous project in which I used an oil spill texture. 

As for the typography, I didn't want the type to feel as if it was just sitting on top image. I wanted it to feel as if it was a part of the work, which led me to experiment with making the words appear as though they were weaving in and out of the waves. 

The end result ended up turning out great & winning the design contest, making it the official flyer for the art show. They plastered these all over the school.


MAGAZINE AD/ "Jersey Fresh". Programs & Tools: Photography, Spinach, Photoshop, Illustrator.

We had to make a Jersey Fresh ad. I attempted to reach out the the modern young adult demographic by creating simple ads reminiscent of the streetwear brand, Supreme. I did the product photography myself and really enjoy how my New Jersey spinach work came out! 


MAGAZINE AD/ "Travel". Programs & Tools: Photoshop

The assignment was to create an ad that encourages you to travel to a destination. I chose my homeland, the Philippine Islands. Personally, the most effective way to convince me that I need to go somewhere is to show breathtaking pictures of the destination. This photography is nothing short of breathtaking. The concept is that you can cross out your entire bucket list with just one visit. There are so many different adventures to embark on when you step foot on Filipino soil that even the ultimate bucket list goal of "Finding Paradise" is checked off. 


Below are alternate advertisements I worked on that didn't quite make the impact I wanted, though i do enjoy how they came out. I juxtaposed the situations of everyday life with what your situation could be if you were vacationing in the Philippines.