Aisha Lopez

Murals / Paintings

PAINTING/ Black Mamba 

A gifted painting, a tribute to Kobe Bryant, otherwise known as the "Black Mamba". Done in acrylic, completed November 2016. 


MURAL/ Mist Hookah Lounge 

Located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the White Dragon mural at Mist Hookah Lounge is something I conceptualized with the word "mist" and "smoke" in mind. I wanted to create a "mystical" vibe that played off the organic lines and curves that are used in the Mist Hookah Lounge logo. The curves of the dragon compliment the curves of the hookah hoses, giving a flowing pattern and feel to the wall. This flow is also accented by a frame of mist and smoke, mimicking the environment of a hookah lounge. 

This project took a week and a half to complete in the summer of 2014.



Special thanks to my assistants:

Jonathan Chin

Amanda Carlson

Philip Gonzales

Adrian Agbanlog 

And of course, to my talented friend and photo/videographer, Crisanto Jorda, who filmed and edited this process video.

Please check out his work at


PORTRAIT/ Masterclips Barbershop

Located in Edison, New Jersey. Completed in early 2016. 

Franklin (owner) is a huge Derek Jeter fan and commissioned this "RE2PECT" portrait to hang in his barbershop.

There was only one thing I had to make sure was absolutely on point: his fade. 


MURAL/ Manny Pacquiao

Portrait of famed boxer, Manny Pacquiao, completed in 2013. It took 17 hours to complete. 

As a Filipino, I take pride in my country, as do many other Filipinos and Filipino-Americans. So, it's only fitting that my dad commissioned me to paint this mural in the basement as an accent to the home gym. 


COLLAB/ Dark Water & Koi

This painting was done as a personal collaboration between my friend (Amanda Carlson) and I. 

This is a time when we reconnected after a few years of not speaking with each other. We've been through a lot and our souls are connected, though we may not always be physically. For the concept, we kind of just made it up as we went along. We were fascinated by koi fish and what they represent, as well as the female figure (both having studied Fashion Design together). 

An excerpt from reads:

"Koi fish can have many symbolic meanings, with two of the most popular being good fortune and overcoming adversity. The symbolism of the Koi fish comes from the legend that a Koi fish that is able to swim upstream and all the way up the Yellow River falls will be rewarded by being turned into a dragon."

I'm not sure what it was about the vibes the night we painted, or maybe it was just the whiskey—but the feel of it came out rather somber, dark, sad, and slightly ominous. Perhaps we both felt we were trapped in the stream, not yet strong enough to swim up the currents,
and not yet ready to become dragons.