Aisha Lopez



It's my mission to bring the authenticity of traditional media into my digital designs.

Hi, I'm Aisha! I'm a graphic design & illustration hybrid obsessed with fashion. I have a degree in Advertising & Graphic Design from MCCC and also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for Apparel Design. 

Being born in the early 90's means I lived out my childhood right before "social media" became a thing. However, I was always attracted to social's dynamic culture and experienced success running a fashion illustration blog with over 3,000 followers at the age of 18. The key to success lies in storytelling, and not just making an impact, but creating a lasting connection—whether it be on social media, design, advertising, or illustration. 

Currently, I do Social Media Management & Content Creation for EFK Group as well as freelance graphic design for clients such as SniftyPen, Stonybrook-Millstone Watershed, and Black Frame to name a few.

I've had internships at DKNY (graphic design), Jac Langheim (fashion illustration & garment construction), Depascal Atelier (graphic design & visual display), Badass Presents (graphic design & illustration), and EFK Group (graphic design & digital strategy). 

My favorite designer is Bradbury Thompson and my favorite illustrator is Patrick Nagel, both for their flair in the use of limited color palettes. 

When I'm not designing or drawing, I'm either cooking or dancing (the internet taught me how to do both). 

P.S. GIF is pronounced "JIF".