MOCK MENU DESIGN/ "Jalapeño Mouth"

Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


The assignment was to create a menu for a mock restaurant. Because I am absolutely obsessed with jalapeños (they're my favorite food), 

my boyfriend and I came up with the name of "Jalapeño Mouth" for a Mexican food truck we daydream of having. 

I decided to use this opportunity to create some imagery for our dream truck in the shape of a menu. 


The first step in the process was brainstorming my "mascot" and therefore the overall style & direction I would be taking. 

Two of my favorite ideas are the ones shown below:


1. Jalapeño Dude

2. Cool Sugar Skull Dude




As I was drawing Jalapeño Dude, I wasn't sure how much further I could go with the cartoon concept. I would want to draw every element included in my menu,

and unfortunately, I just did not have the time. On the other hand, Sugar Skull Dude was a concept that I saw pretty clearly in my head. I could also visualize key

elements I could use ahead of time using the Sugar Skull guy. So, for the sake of efficiency and meeting deadlines,

I went with the sugar skull for the main cover image.


Logo Experimentations

At this point, I was still deciding whether I wanted to go for "classy chile" vibes or laid-back/hip vibes. 

Shown above are some experiments I did with just type and shapes.

I'm a sucker for clever logos that are simple yet immediately readable, so I attempted to make one. 

Being that the name of my mock restaurant is "Jalapeño Mouth", I had to head in the direction of the bold sans serif fonts.

As I was playing with creating imagery using type, I began the process of creating the sugar skull cover and ultimately ended up with this.


 Cover (Experimental Variation)

Cover (Experimental Variation)

I created the sugar skull with letters and shapes (and a liiiiittle bit of the pen tool).

The cheeks and teeth are made with J's, the eyes with O's, the flowers with U's, etc. etc. etc. 

Main Menu.