Aisha Lopez

Project: The Victory Edition

MOCK NIKE MAGAZINE / "The Victory Edition"

Programs:  InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator


For this project, we had to choose a brand for which to create a mockup for a fictitious magazine. 

Being a huge fan of their products, I chose Nike

This was intended to be a nod to the roots & history of Nike, starting with their name, taken after the Greek Goddess of Victory.


Front Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover


I chose to create an interesting collage-like composition for the front cover consisting of repeated cut-outs of a famous statue of the goddess

 Nike. The "N" stands for Nike, while a "V" is highlighted within the letter "N" to highlight the concept of "The Victory Edition". 

While the bright texture is considered an oil spill pattern, it reminds me of marble.

I definitely wanted to add a contemporary twist to the "roots" concept. 



The first page after the cover sets the mood for the rest of your browsing journey.

This magazine is about victory, and victory isn't always about winning the first time around. It's about unwavering determination to accomplish

your end goal. One of the best mood setters, in my opinion, is an inspirational quote.

The subtle black marbling of the Table of Contents page is intended to play off of the colorful oil spill pattern on the cover.



Nike is very good at pairing their images with impactful & straight-to-the-point copy. I wanted to capture that vibe with the subtitle.

I quite enjoy the surreal, godlike feel the marble pedestals give to the featured sneakers.

Because this is "The Victory Edition", I wanted to highlight Nike sports gear engineered to perfection,

as well as noted legends associated with the brand.